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Which Colors Should You Use in Your Logo?

A question I sometimes hear from clients is what colors should we use in our logo?


It’s a great question since color is an easy way to separate and elevate your brand.

The answer to this question is— it depends.


One key consideration is WHO is your biggest competitor?  It’s critical to pick a color that is opposite of your competitor(s).


A few examples, Home Depot is mostly orange but its primary competitor, Lowe's, uses blue in its logo. The retailer, Target uses a red logo but Walmart, a key competitor, wisely uses blue.


So, when designing your logo, pick colors that are very different from your biggest competitor because this will help you avoid brand confusion.


Another thing to consider is that your logo will likely have 1-2 colors and usually there’s one color that is more dominant and this becomes your signature color-- the color you will use the most often. To keep your signature color consistent, you should know the Pantone, HEX and RGB numbers associated with that color.


Pantone colors are part of the Pantone Matching System (PMS for short), an international catalog of every color you can imagine and it’s used by graphic designers, web designers, fashion designers and home interior folks.


Share this video with your graphic designer and get aligned on who your key competitors are so that you don’t end up with a logo that is too similar. And don’t forget to craft a tagline to accompany your logo-- watch our video for 3 tips for crafting a perfect tagline.



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