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Demystifying Company Taglines | 5 Types with Modern Examples

Love them or hate them, there's no denying that a tagline is a powerful branding tool for small business brands.


But sadly, I see so many small businesses with lovely logos but NO tagline below them. What a wasted branding opportunity!


In this video we explore the 5 basic tagline types including benefit taglines, descriptive taglines, superlative taglines, provocative taglines and take-an-action taglines. Plus, I share my favorite modern examples of each tagline type.


The examples curated in this video include taglines from Princess Cruises, Snooze, BMW, Wounded Warrior Project, WeWork and Travelocity. But great taglines are not just reserved for big brands with big budgets. A well-crafted tagline is important for small businesses that are trying to build brands that are powerful and meaningful. And don’t worry, as your business brand evolves, so can your tagline (just don’t change it multiple times per year, that will lead to brand confusion).


Do you need help writing that perfect tagline for your small business? Watch my video that offers 3 tips for crafting a perfect tagline for a small business.


And for additional marketing tagline examples to inspire you, check out my article on LinkedIn about the 5 Tagline Types for Small Business. Enjoy!



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