Hearing the voice of your customer

The voice of the customer… no one says it quite the way your customers say it. But capturing the real voice of the customer can be challenging, sometimes your customers edit themselves when they give you feedback directly. So we act as a neutral, third party and engage your customers (or prospective customers).

The most requested research methodologies include:
  • Online-surveys

  • Buyer persona interviews

  • Online discussion boards

  • Netnography research

  • Website usability testing

  • New product concept testing

  • Customer data appending


Benefits of conducting customer research include:

  • Get candid customer feedback
  • Learn new ways to segment your customer base into actionable buyer personas
  • Learn how your customers may naturally fall into customer segments
  • Gain new insights about your current & future customers
  • Learn how your customers make their buying decisions
  • Understand who else your customers considered as an alternative to your products/services
  • Validate something you need to validate
  • Get an objective point of view since conducted by an independent third party
  • Helps you discover new research methodologies

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