Getting to a name you can trademark

Here’s what we’ve learned about brand naming in today’s environment… it’s hard but not impossible. With many naming projects under our belt, we’ve got a system that works and minimizes frustration. Don't let a mediocre or awkward name hold you back.

Our approach to naming includes:
Iterative Idea Development

We work in multiple rounds, getting early feedback to help us pivot as needed.

Idea Brainstorming

We stay focused by brainstorming by themes and/or name types.


We provide many choices of good names, usually hundreds.

Short List

We expertly walk you through hundreds of name options to help you get to a short consideration list.


We conduct preliminary checks for potential trademark conflicts.

Name Scorecards

We structure the evaluation process with scorecards, so everyone focuses on the right selection criteria.

Name Testing

We conduct consumer testing to ensure we're hitting all the right notes.

URL Checks

We conduct preliminary checks for available URLs, if needed.

Trademark Application

We refer you to an online provider if you need help.

Project Management

We manage the whole naming process so you have one less thing to worry about!

What does brand naming cost?


Our average brand naming project is $6,500. Some projects are more, some are less. A few variables that drive cost include: the competitiveness of the product category for the new name, how flexible you are about the type of new name, if a unique URL is needed to match/complement the new name and if the new name must be unique enough for trademark purposes.

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