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Clear branding, focused marketing, more sales


“I had the pleasure of working with Pecanne Eby for over a year and found her to be not only incredibly competent but also very creative and a joy to be around! Her skills in Marketing are vast! She has a deep understanding of branding and creating effective campaigns that deliver strong results for her clients. I would highly recommend Pecanne for any project, large or small. Her passion and dedication is unmatched.”

– Heather Leigh, Director of Public Relations and Communications
Scrum Alliance


“Pecanne was the lead on our Scrum Alliance website redesign and I had never gone through this experience before. She was patient, knowledgeable, creative and fun to work with. Pecanne has a keen eye for detail and has the skills to pull a diverse team of people together to focus on the end result and drive the project to a successful completion.”

– Jill Paul, Director of Community and Meetings
Scrum Alliance


“Pecanne is an exceptional marketing professional. She is also simply a remarkable person that cares about her commitments, the quality of her work, the teams she works with, and her client’s ultimate success. From a consulting perspective, she brings significant experience and insights to her clients, with an adept use of a wide range of tools and techniques throughout the course of the engagement.”

– Bob Nedball Director of Administration
Scrum Alliance


“Pecanne helped our association develop a new website. To begin, she helped initiate a new online brand, consistent with our current one. Next, she recruited additional experts to develop component parts of the project, then acted as a liaison between all the professionals and related activities – all with exceptional skill, proven techniques, professionalism, and dedication.”

– Sharon Knight, Chief Operating Officer
Colorado Nonprofit Association


“Thanks for leading the branding session with our analytics, optimization and automation teams. Not only were you able to take some very complex material and make it actionable for our team members, but your process helped each individual understand their personal responsibility to ‘live’ the brand. You did a great job at getting this very talented team of consultants to buy in. Your approach was refreshing and targeted.”

– Cedric Alford, VP of Marketing Automation
Numeric Analytics

“I want to let you know that I thought you did an excellent job leading my team.  I sincerely appreciate your hard work and effort.  I realize that a few of them may not have been engaged in marketing when the meeting started, but you got them on board and thinking about it. Wonderful job!” 

– Edward Dressel, President
Trust Builders, Inc.

“We asked Pecanne Eby to help our small business stand out in an over-saturated market where everyone appeared the same, said the same things, and essentially offered the same product. Pecanne helped us figure out how we were different, and she showed us how to leverage our personal strengths to develop our brand identity. We immediately implemented a few of Pecanne’s suggestions, and I strongly believe that’s why we’ve already seen a 30% increase in revenue. I highly recommend Pecanne for anyone looking to really make their brand stand out, and I can’t wait to work with her again.”

– Mike Kissack, Owner
American Adventure Expeditions

“Our company hired Pecanne for her brand consulting. She spent endless hours with us and reviewing our company, and she helped us create a great marketing and sales plan. In addition, she provided several innovative tools and ‘forward thinking’ that helped us create the plan and put techniques into place to implement and follow the plan. I cannot recommend Pecanne highly enough!” 

– Jason Lehman, Director of Online Marketing
Hyper Dog Media

Pecanne Eby and her teammate brought a unique, effective, and creative approach to our branding project that greatly exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

– Mark L. Lehnerz, Global Advertising Manager
Worldwide Fluid Power Division, Gates Corporation

“With gentle determination, Pecanne turned the hide-bound into true believers. The changes Pecanne pushed for have served our organization extremely well, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.” 

– Bruce Ashton, Past President
American Society of Pension Professionals &Actuaries

“I highly recommend Pecanne for any business owner or company leader who needs to rebrand and has a lot of constituents to incorporate into the process. Pecanne helped us think about our brand in a whole new way and was our tireless motivator!” 

– Cathy Sentnor, Marketing Director
National Automobile Dealers Association/NADA Guide Company

Pecanne Eby provided us with impeccable, timely, and creative marketing strategies with excellent follow-through on execution. Pecanne’s leadership in marketing had a direct impact on my success. She is a true pleasure to work with.”

– Jean-Yves Ghazi, Vice President & General Manager
Spirit Cruises/SODEXHO

“It has been a real delight to work with Pecanne Eby. She is highly competent, full of ideas, and a real pleasure to work with.”

– Abdín Noboa-Ríos, PhD, President
Innovative Consultants International


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Big picture thinker. Skilled facilitator. Trusted advisor. These are phrases that come to mind when I think of Pecanne Eby. I’m impressed with her ability to synthesize information and guide her clients on their journey to a clear brand identity and marketing strategy. When you hire Pecanne, you get her extensive marketing expertise, and you also benefit from her warm demeanor.”

– Ann Lillie, Principal
Vine Street Communications

Pecanne drives teams to explore the big questions around vision and values – then switch gears to produce specific tactics to get there.” 

– Tim Gilbert, Managing Director
Gelia Wells & Mohr

Pecanne is about the most skilled, detail-oriented researcher and brand strategist I’ve worked with. Let’s put it this way: I’m a creative guy, and she’s on the strategy side. And I STILL really like working with her.”

– Bill Paterson
Freelance Copywriter


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