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Brand thought leader Pecanne Eby: Training brings clarity to fuzzy brand issues

Meeting planner / event director: Can your group benefit from hearing a speaker who simplifies the confusing issue of branding? If your audience includes business owners and marketing professionals, they’ll welcome a clear explanation of brand building that can impact their bottom line.

Participants in Pecanne Eby’s workshops – including seasoned marketing pros – take away a clear understanding of brand building. And they understand the steps for clarifying and unifying their own brands.

A high-content speaker who is engaging and fun! Pecanne-buckets

A natural teacher and trained facilitator, Pecanne masterfully delivers content-rich keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. In every presentation, Pecanne focuses on getting participants clear. She is dedicated to simplifying complex branding issues.

The result? Participants walk away with new insights and actionable ideas! A warm, engaging speaker, Pecanne’s topics appeal to marketing professionals as well as non-marketing managers and business owners.

A few of Pecanne Eby’s popular workshops and keynotes: 

Getting Your Original Branded Content Marketing Off the Ground – Practical Tips from Tent Poles to Kanban Boards 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 61% of nonprofits are practicing content marketing, yet only 35% say they are effective at it. Creating original branded content is essential for building a brand and for balancing earned and paid content efforts. With original branded content you control the topic, tone, graphic style and initial distribution. But creating and promoting original branded content can be overwhelming.

In this session Pecanne shares:

  1. Key roles and responsibilities needed for creating original branded content
  2. How to turn special reports into “tent pole” campaigns
  3. How to quickly build a Kanban Board online, or in the office, in order to unify and track progress

How to Make Your Brand “Emotionally Available” – What moves a buyer to say “yes”? In this fascinating presentation, audience members learn why most marketing is overly intellectual, and why the buyer isn’t moved to buy. Armed with the neuroscience of how the human brain works, Pecanne explains why and how emotions are vital in your brand and marketing.

Master Your Marketing Message in 3 Steps – Discover the 3 vital elements every messaging strategy must have in order to be successful and an easy format that advertising agencies have been using for decades. This is a hands-on opportunity to work on a marketing message you may be struggling with.

Topic of your choice – Meeting planner, contact Pecanne Eby to brainstorm a unique topic or custom approach for a workshop or breakout session to meet your group’s marketing needs. (link to Contact page)

Perfect for these groups: 

  • Business owners, leaders and intrapreneurs
  • Marketing professionals of all levels, including directors
  • Associations and professional societies for business owners
  • Associations and professional societies for marketing professionals at all levels

Meeting Planner’s toolkit: 


Help your group get clear about their brand.
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