Buyer Personas

Building Buyer Personas

If you plan to succeed at content marketing, then you must have clear buyer personas (sometimes called audience personas). But knowing your buyers is often different than understanding your buyers.

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Knowing your buyers is pretty easy since it means knowing your buyers’ approximate ages, genders, locations, professional roles, employer industries and obvious pain points. These types of facts are often available from online surveys and monitoring of social media.

But understanding your buyers is more challenging. Understanding goes beyond demographics and the other obvious stuff. Understanding your buyers will create significant advantage when you create your custom content and marketing campaigns. Strong buyer or audience personas are a function of both knowing AND understanding buyers.

How We Develop Buyer Personas

Brand Mentoring uses the buyer persona development system taught by the Buyer Persona Institute to develop three to five key personas for our clients. This system uncovers:

  •  The real reasons buyers chose you (or a competitor)
  •  The real triggering event that sparked a search for your product, service or organization
  •  Dealmakers, deal breakers and which ones impact you versus your competitors
  • How exactly buyers researched your organization
  • Who and what were the real deciding factor(s) in the final buying decision.

Having these deeper insights will separate you from the pack, especially when it’s time to create and promote custom content.

Perhaps you already have buyer or audience personas but you’re unsure if they are “right”? No problem we can review and refresh your personas.

5 Reasons to Hire an Independent Consultant for Developing your Buyer or Audience Personas

Clients typically hire us for this important work because:

1.       Bandwidth | Typically we interview 10-20 people, both buyers and lost sales, in order to develop three to five unique buyer personas.

2.       Don’t make stuff up | We conduct 30-45 minute interviews and capture findings in an interview aggregator for future reference and for building upon in the future.

3.       Never assume | We provide fresh (and objective) eyes and ears when interviewing your buyers. We listen for nuances so we can probe for deeper insights and challenge existing assumptions.

4.       Focus on what’s relevant | Some things revealed in a buyer interview are just not relevant and will distract those creating custom content. We eliminate the irrelevant.

5.       Fast track alignment | As your “experts from afar”, we will help you present the findings and facilitate the dialog with the parties who need to understand and accept the final buyer personas.

Personas and Successful Content Marketing

The sooner you clearly understand your buyer or audience personas, the sooner you can improve your content marketing activities. After all, successful content marketing is a commitment to deliver the right content to the right audience in the right place, so they can take the desired action. If you need help with buyer or audience personas, contact us.

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