Company/Product Naming

More challenging than ever, naming a company or product requires an expert brand namer 

Too many companies blunder into alligator-infested waters when naming a company, product, or service. The result?

  • A clunky name that never catches on
  • A new name, but no available website address
  • A cease-and-desist letter from another company’s lawyer, demanding an immediate stop to using “your” name

Rushing the naming process, taking a misstep, and falling into this quagmire can be incredibly frustrating, time consuming, and expensive.

How to name a business?

While it’s extremely important to give a new business, product, or service a great name, it’s also extremely difficult. And though many creative agencies offer this service, their solution usually involves throwing an unwitting art director or copywriter into these alligator-infested waters.

Unfortunately, the statistics for this branding specialty area are frightening: 60% of new company, product, and service names chosen and implemented are already owned by someone else! After launching a newly named product or service, many companies receive a “cease and desist” letter, forcing them to retract, rename, and reprint. Truly a naming crisis!

Let us guide you to a great name

Names are among your most important assets – yet they are often the most overlooked assets. Pecanne and her hand-selected team of naming specialists will lead you through: establish your brand platform, ideation around possible naming themes, selecting the new name, then addressing logos, colors, and other graphic elements.

Using our proven naming process, we will help you: 

  • Coin a name that is meaningful to your customers
  • Gain insight into linguists to creatively combine sounds and words
  • Replace an outdated name
  • Find a name you can legally own and keep

With us as your guide, you’ll have a great name for your company, product, or service – and you’ll avoid the alligator-infested waters!