Branding Services

Marketing challenges usually stem from a brand challenge

Having worked with over 100 clients on branding, one marketing truth has emerged. Clients who understand their brands inside and out will excel at marketing and custom content for those brands.

In contrast, those clients who are fuzzy about their brand’s deeper purpose and strategy, struggle to produce meaningful marketing communications. It is these latter clients that we work with, moving them from fuzzy to focused branding.

Strong brands:

  • Have a clear purpose, a “why” that inspires
  • Engage us both intellectually and emotionally
  • Have a simple promise to guide employees
  • Help differentiate your company, product, service or cause
  • Have a consistent look and feel, guided by written graphic standards
  • Use a consistent brand voice and vocabulary
  • Convey a singular brand personality, not a mash-up of personalities
  • Have strong brand stewards

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