Brand Graphic Identity

Brands are like people – they need to have a unique visual style in order to attract the right customers

It has been our experience that jumping straight into brand graphic identity before committing to your brand and marketing strategies is a recipe for frustration. It’s kind of like eating dessert first, it feels good in the moment but later on you usually regret it.

So we start by getting you READY for the graphic identity design. We begin with getting you CLEAR on the critical brand strategy decisions you must make before diving into graphic identity decisions. When we strategically approach brand graphic identity, the graphic design process goes much more smoothly. I’ve seen some clients, in my past life before Brand Mentoring, spend loads of money and up to a year in debate over their new logo only to return to what they were using before they engaged the design team. What a waste of time and how demoralizing it was for the marketing team! Don’t let this be you.

Refreshing an Existing Brand Identity (Logo)

Many clients come to us with an existing brand identity (logo) that has simply become outdated in its look and feel. Or their “starter” logo no longer lives up to the quality of the company and people. Yes, it happens all the time. But at its core, the brand identity really is still on point, it just needs a visual refresh. Think of it as a brand makeover! We can help you determine if this is the right path for you.

Building a New Brand Identity (Logo) from Scratch

Some clients come to us with a new product or service they want to introduce. Or they come to us with a serious rebranding need. In either case, we can help from naming or renaming to graphic brand identity logos. Since these projects often are more complex, brand strategy consulting is vitally important here.

Tie it All Together with a New Tagline

Many times clients will love their brand identities but are missing a simple marketing tagline to accompany their logos. A logo without a tagline is a real missed opportunity to reinforce what your brand means to the marketplace. So we work with copywriters who are experts in crafting taglines. Similar to brand naming, tagline creation is really much harder than it looks. We first introduce you to the major types of taglines so you strategically understand your options. And then we help you determine which tagline types will work based given your current marketing objectives. The final tagline usually is incorporated into your logo and your stewardship document (see below).

Ensure Good Brand Stewardship

Documenting your graphic identity standards is important if you want to maintain control and consistency over your brand. Our basic graphic identity standards define and document:

  • The brand promise, values, style and personality
  • Logos in various sizes and iterations for different uses, including social media
  • Recommended typefaces and uses to complement the logo
  • Full color palette
  • Template layouts for basic collateral including your business card, letterhead/Word template and PowerPoint slide masters and
  • Basic brand “do’s and don’ts.”

Since you will be living with your logo for a very long time, let’s make your brand’s graphic identity one you and future customers will LOVE!