Great Marketing Starts with a Great Brand

Every successful brand begins with a simple promise, including our company’s brand. Our brand promise is to demystify, teach and support you from brand strategy to marketing execution.

Experience shows us that successful brands drive marketing and marketing drives successful brands. One without the other is like a car without gas. So we work with clients on both their brand strategy and the content marketing plan to build brand awareness, interest, preference, sales and loyalty!

A natural teacher and exceptional facilitator, Pecanne Eby, MBA and her team of specialists have worked on brand naming projects, rebranding, original branded content, logo development, brand identity standards, brand platforms, employee training (living the brand promise), content marketing plan development and a host of other marketing communication projects.

Being in the idea business, we help your team uncover the best ideas related to your brand purpose, brand vision, brand promise, desired brand image and the marketing plan for promoting your brand.

Our industry experience is broad with specialty areas that include b2b, entertainment attractions, nonprofits, trade associations, professional services, professional societies and federal government.

Common brand and marketing issues we troubleshoot:

  • Outdated or unfocused marketing or content marketing plans
  • Outdated brand image
  • Confusing brand identity
  • Poor visibility in the marketplace
  • Commodity perception
  • Weak alignment between employees and brand vision
  • Confusing brand names
  • Vague positioning strategy
  • Unclear brand promise
  • Frustrating relationships with creative service providers

Since we’re not a fit for everyone, we’ll happily provide you reliable referrals when appropriate. If you are ready to separate and elevate your organization, contact us today.